DOT Eisenhower Program Graduate Fellowship in Transportation-related Disciplines

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Sep 17, 2021


DOT Transportation Federal Highway Admin

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Dwight David Eisenhower Transportation Fellowship Program (DDETFP) Grants for Research Fellowship (GRF)

The DDETFP provides funding for students to pursue master’s or doctoral degrees in transportation-related disciplines. The goals of these Grants are to 1) attract the nation's brightest minds to the field of transportation, 2) enhance the careers of transportation professionals by encouraging them to seek advanced degrees, and 3) bring and retain top talent in the transportation industry of the United States.

Transportation-related Academic Disciplines / Fields of Study

  • Sciences: Architecture, Biology, Chemistry, Communication, Computer Science, Criminal Justice, Environmental Science, Information Systems, Mathematics, Physics.
  • Business: Accounting, Business Administration, Finance, Economics, Management.
  • Human Development: Human Factors, Human Resources, Psychology.
  • Engineering: Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Construction Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Structural Engineering, Transportation Engineering.
  • Law: Environmental, Transportation.
  • Public Policy and Planning: Public Policy and Analysis, Public Administration, Political Science/Government, Urban and Regional Planning, Urban Studies.
  • Aviation: Aeronautical Studies, Airway Science, Aviation, Flight Management Science.
  • Transportation: Logistics Management, Planning Policy.