DOT Operation of a Center for Environmental Excellence

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Mar 31, 2022


Dept of Transportation Federal Highway Admin FHA

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DOT Operation of a Center for Environmental Excellence

The goal of the cooperative agreement is to operate a CEE to assist the transportation industry in achieving environmental excellence in delivering their transportation programs, projects and policies. The objectives of the CEE are to:

  • ·      Promote environmental stewardship through development of resources that provide innovative ways to achieve environmental excellence in delivering transportation programs, projects, and policies, including the acceleration of the project delivery process;
  • ·      Serve as a resource for transportation professionals seeking technical assistance, training, information exchange, partnership-building opportunities, and quick and easy access to environmental and sustainability tools; and
  • ·      Provide a wide range of products and services to help transportation agencies incorporate environmental compliance, multimodalism, equity, environmental justice, context sensitive design solutions, complete streets, sustainability, climate resiliency, greenhouse gas emission reductions, and stewardship into transportation planning, project development, construction, maintenance, and operations.