Enabling Technologies for Electronic Warfare and Surveillance

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Oct 27, 2023


Office of Naval Research

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White papers: Due Aug. 11, 2023; strongly encouraged.

To fully enable spectrum superiority, naval forces (including the Marine Corps and Navy) must be able to control the Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS) by exploiting, deceiving, or denying enemy use of the spectrum while ensuring persistent naval ISR capabilities.

The advance of adversary intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) and EW capabilities across the full EMS (DC to daylight), and the proliferation of inexpensive, efficient processors and transceivers has eroded our advantages, created a contested and congested operational environment, and degraded our naval ISR capabilities. This FY24 EW and Surveillance D&I BAA Call seeks innovative solutions to overcome these technical challenges.

White papers and subsequent proposals should address technology developments in one or more of the following Research Opportunity Technical Areas 1-6.

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