EPA National Aquatic Resource Surveys Data Analysis Innovation Challenge

Sponsor Deadline: 

Sep 30, 2022

Letter of Intent Deadline: 

May 31, 2022


Environmental Protection Agency

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EPA National Aquatic Resource Surveys NARS Data Analysis Innovation Challenge
EPA  https://www.epa.gov/innovation/national-aquatic-resource-surveys-data-analysis-innovation-challenge

The EPA Office of Water invites graduate students, scientists, academics, statisticians, and other analysts to apply the NARS data to examine questions related to national priorities including climate change, environmental justice, nutrient management, and other critical water quality challenges. EPA encourages individuals and teams of researchers that incorporate a variety of disciplines (e.g., environmental science, biology, ecology, geochemistry, statistics, economics, health and social sciences) to apply.

Each winner or winning team will receive a prize of $5,000. Winners may receive national recognition for their university or organization as well as for the students, scientist, and project activities by being featured on the NARS Data Challenge webpage. Winners may be invited to present at webinars, conferences and/or other events including reaching EPA, state/tribal, and other water quality specialists. Applicants are encouraged to submit an intent to participate by May 31, 2022 and final entries are due September 30, 2022.

The four surveys that make up NARS are the National Coastal Condition Assessment (NCCA), National Lakes Assessment (NLA), National Rivers and Streams Assessment (NRSA), and the National Wetlands Condition Assessment (NWCA).