Evaluate Programs Designed to Promote Education Achievement among Underserved Groups - accepted 3 times a year


Brady Education Foundation

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The Brady Education Foundation is accepts proposals focused on evaluating programs that have the potential to help close the gaps in opportunity and resulting achievement associated with race and family income.
Stage 1 application annual deadlines: August 1, December 1, April 1.

Primary aim:  The primary aim must concern evaluating the effectiveness of programs designed to promote positive cognitive outcomes and/or achievement outcomes for children (birth through 18 years) from underserved groups and/or low-resourced communities (specifically minority ethnic groups, low-income families) in order to inform ways to close the educational opportunity gaps associated with race and income.

Secondary aims may also focus on one or more of the following:

  • What works for whom, under what conditions: Investigate variations in program effects; that is, test for moderation effects that inform whether effects are stronger for certain groups and/or under certain conditions than other groups or conditions.
  • Reasons for effects: Investigate mechanisms through which effects occur; that is, test for mediation effects that inform why the program is effective.
  • Cost-benefit analyses: Compare the total costs of the program (start-up and ongoing operational costs) with its estimated monetary benefits to determine the net cost or benefit associated with the program.