Friedreich's Ataxia: Translational Research Award; International Research Collaboration Award - LOI

Sponsor Deadline: 

May 15, 2021

Letter of Intent Deadline: 

May 15, 2021


Friedreich's Ataxia Research Alliance FARA

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  Friedreich's Ataxia FARA's Research Program  

Kyle Bryant Translational Research Award -  honors its namesake for his diligent efforts to aid in the acceleration of preclinical studies to early pilot trials in FA patients. This award is given to proposals focused on pre-clinical and clinical investigations that will advance treatments for FA.
The specific aims must target one or more of the following:  Identification of biomarkers for FA that will elucidate disease variability, severity, and prognosis; facilitate drug screening, and/or optimize selection of patients and clinical endpoints for clinical trials;  Development of tools and technologies that can: (a) be directly used for therapy development; (b) overcome existing obstacles to treatment and (c) be directly applied to, or adapted for, delivery of potential therapeutics; Pre-clinical development and testing of potential therapeutics, biologics, and devices in cells and animals; Clinical studies of patient outcome measures.
Letter of Intent due May 15, 2021.

Bronya J. Keats International Research Collaboration Award - Proposals should focus on FA research that relies on international collaboration among investigators in at least two different countries. Special consideration will be given to proposals that bring new scientists to the FA community. The rationale for the collaboration needs to be convincing and must clearly demonstrate that the research goals could not be achieved by just one of the participating groups and that the synergy among the groups is essential for the success of the project.
Letter of Intent due May 15, 2021.