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The Great Rivers CESU office (Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit)  has received multiple requests for Statement of Interests for projects involving Army Corps of Engineers. The requests are posted on the Great Plains web site:

US Coastal Research Program (USCRP) Research Topic 1: Identify and Communicate Coastal Impacts

USCRP Research Topic 2: Coastal Structure Design and Rehabilitation incorporating Stochastic Risk and Uncertainty

USCRP Research Topic 4: Evaluating the Distribution and Geotechnical Properties of Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) Sand Resources and Coupled Environmental Response to Dredging

USCRP Research Topic 6: Long-term Implications of Coastal Restoration

USCRP Research Topic 8: Quantifying and Communicating Numerical Model Uncertainty

USCRP Research Topic 9: Develop Community Resilience Guidance for Recovery & Mitigation and Adaptation

USCRP Research Topic 10: Applied Storm & Recovery Studies as part of the During Nearshore Event Experiment-DUNEX

USCRP Research Topic 11: Coastal Adaptation Pathways for Barrier Island Communities

USCRP Research Topic 12: Quantitative Model for Optimizing Coastal Community Systems Performance