HFSP Complex Biological Systems Research - Early Career Investigators; Independent Investigators - register for LOI by 3/24/22

Sponsor Deadline: 

Mar 31, 2022

Letter of Intent Deadline: 

Mar 31, 2022


Human Frontier Science Program HFSP

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Human Frontier Science Program: Research Grants - Early Career Investigators; Independent Investigators - LOI
HFSP page:   https://www.hfsp.org/funding/hfsp-funding/research-grants    and   https://www.hfsp.org/
ProposalCentral   https://proposalcentral.com/grantopportunities.asp?GMID=239

• Compulsory initiation of a Letter of Intent by obtaining a reference number by March 24, 2022
• Submission of a Letter of Intent: March 31, 2022

Research topics may include biological functions at all levels of analysis: for example, studies on genes and individual molecules, intracellular networks, intercellular associations in tissues and organs, and networks underlying the complex functions of entire organisms including cognitive functions, as well as populations or ecosystems.