HHS Ensuring Research Integrity - Research, Development, Demonstration

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Mar 15, 2022


HHS Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health OASH

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Ensuring Research Integrity - Research, Development, and Demonstration
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The Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health expects that research activities and all other activities of the proposed project will concentrate on at least one of the four FY 2022 focus areas:
1) Transparency in the conduct or reporting of research;
2) Effective communication between authors/collaborators for the purpose of avoiding, mitigating, and resolving authorship/collaborator disputes and/or issues related to the integrity of the research (e.g. conflicts of interest, research integrity, rigor, reproducibility, transparency, reliability);
3) Handling allegations of research misconduct under 42 C.F.R. Part 93;
4) Interventions to address issues related to research culture and climate (e.g., overly-competitive environments, toxic workplaces, bullying, harassment, etc.) that can negatively impact the integrity, conduct, quality, and reliability of research. Interventions may include activities that promote a positive culture/climate or inhibit the perpetuation of a negative climate/culture

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