HRSA Catalyst for Infant Health Equity

Sponsor Deadline: 

Apr 19, 2022

Letter of Intent Deadline: 

Feb 18, 2022


Health Resources and Services Admin

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Catalyst for Infant Health Equity
Not required but preferred - Deadline: 02/18/2022
HRSA-22-066 url

 This HRSA opportunity is limited to one application per institution.
Please refer this link on the UIowa Limited Submissions process

The goals of the new Catalyst for Infant Health Equity program are twofold:
1) to continue reducing overall infant mortality (IM) rates in the United States, and
2) to decrease and ultimately eliminate disparities in infant mortality across racial/ethnic groups by achieving steeper declines for groups with the highest rates. To accomplish these goals, award recipients are expected to address the broader social and structural determinants (or root causes) contributing to infant mortality disparities at the county or jurisdiction level. For example, recipients will support implementation of existing action plans that address public policies, systemic racism and discrimination, and/or institutional practices. To maximize impact on disparities in infant mortality rates at the national level, counties/jurisdictions with larger numbers of excess infant deaths will be considered priority areas.