HRSA Rural Health Care Services Outreach Program

Sponsor Deadline: 

Dec 1, 2020

Internal Deadline: 

Nov 2, 2020


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HRSA Rural Health Care Services Outreach Program
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This HRSA opportunity is limited to one application per institution.
Please refer this link on the UIowa Limited Submissions process

The Rural Health Care Services Outreach Program is a community-based grant program aimed towards promoting rural health care services by enhancing health care delivery to rural underserved populations in the local community or region. Through consortia of local health care and social service providers, communities can develop innovative approaches to challenges related to the specific health needs in rural areas that expand clinical and service capacity in rural communities.
The overarching goals for the Outreach Program are to:
• Expand the delivery of health care services to include new and enhanced services exclusively in rural communities;
• Deliver health care services through a strong consortium, in which every consortium member organization is actively involved and engaged in the planning and delivery of services;
• Utilize community engagement and evidence-based or innovative, evidence informed model(s) in the delivery of health care services; and
• Improve population health, and demonstrate health outcomes and sustainability
In addition to funding Outreach programs through the Regular Outreach track, in FY 21, the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy FORHP will also afford applicants a unique opportunity to take part in a national effort that targets rural health disparities through a second track called the “Healthy Rural Hometown Initiative.”