HRSA Transforming Health Care for Children and Youth with Epilepsy

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Apr 11, 2019

Internal Deadline: 

Mar 11, 2019


Health Resources and Services Admin

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HRSA Transforming Health Care for Children and Youth with Epilepsy
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The purpose of this program is to increase access to coordinated, quality health care in a patient/family-centered medical home for CYE residing in rural and/or medically underserved areas. This will be accomplished by supporting quality improvement (QI) networks to address four content areas: (1) increasing access to specialists through telehealth1 and telemedicine2 strategies; (2) increasing family engagement at various levels across the health care system; (3) improving the transition from pediatric to adult health care; and (4) increasing communication, collaboration, and co-management between primary care providers and epilepsy specialty providers.

Limited to one application per institution.

HRSA solicitations generally limit the number of applications that may go forward in response to a specific solicitation.  Please email a one-page abstract about your proposal to   in the Office of the Vice President for Research with a cc to the Division of Sponsored Programs  as soon as possible, but at least 30 days in advance of the deadline.  If we receive multiple abstracts in response to a given solicitation, a review will be conducted to select the applicant to submit on behalf of the University of Iowa.  Application materials are due in DSP at least 5 business days prior to the deadline.