Improving Health Care Delivery Systems to Dual Medicare-Medicaid Enrollees


Arnold Ventures

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Our Complex Care team at Arnold Ventures is funding research into how to improve the systems that deliver care to a population of more than 12 million people who are dually eligible for Medicare and Medicaid; seeking to fund researchers who are guided by the following principles: policy relevance, rigor and independence, and alignment with our strategy. 

Dual-eligible individuals account for a disproportionate share of Medicare and Medicaid spending,  yet the outcomes we get for these dollars are poor. That is why in July 2019, Arnold Ventures AV launched a new effort centered around funding research, technical assistance, and policy solutions aimed at improving the systems that deliver care to this vulnerable population.

AV's work aims to accomplish three policy objectives:
(1) increase integration between Medicare and Medicaid through existing or new models, as necessary;
(2) increase enrollment in integrated coverage options; and
(3) ensure that dual eligible individuals get services that lead to better patient experiences, higher quality of care, and reduced health care costs

Arnold Ventures encourages researchers interested in helping  to answer these questions or other aligned questions to reach out to