Iowa DOT: STIC Innovation (not for research projects)

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Jul 15, 2022


Iowa Department of Transportation

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Iowa’s Statewide Transportation Innovation Council (STIC) is currently soliciting ideas for innovations and technologies eligible for STIC Incentive Funds. Projects eligible for STIC funding under this current solicitation include, but are not limited to, projects that advance the implementation of Every Day Counts (EDC) Innovations.

STIC Incentive Funds are available up to $125,000 per federal fiscal year for awards.

STIC incentive funds are not to be used for research projects. The requirements for eligibility of a project or activity are as follows:

  • The project must have a statewide impact in fostering a culture for innovation or in making an innovation a standard practice.
  • The project/activity for which incentive funding is requested must align with Federal DOT's TIDP goals.
  • The project/activity must be eligible for Federal-aid assistance and adhere to applicable federal requirements.
  • The proposed project/activity must be started as soon as practical (preferably within 6 months, but no later than 1 year) after notification of approval for STIC Incentive funding and the funds must be expended within 2 years.

STIC Incentive funding may be used to conduct internal assessments; build capacity; develop guidance, standards, and specifications; implement system process changes; organize peer exchanges; offset implementation costs; or conduct other activities the STIC identifies to address TIDP goals and to foster a culture for innovation or to make an innovation a standard practice in the STA or other public sector STIC stakeholder.