Iowa NASA EPSCoR Partnership Development Travel Grant - rolling deadline



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The specific goals and objectives of Iowa NASA EPSCoR include improving research connections between Iowa researchers and NASA collaborators. To increase Iowa's ability to respond to the technology needs within the NASA Mission Directorates, the Partnership Development Travel Grant (PDTG) allows travel to visit collaborative centers and attend meetings. You may complete the NASA Collaboration Request if you have not yet found a NASA collaborator.

The goal of the PDTG is to provide funds through the Iowa NASA EPSCoR program to build a broad cadre of researchers and industry through support of travel to bring together intra -state scholars to better exchange ideas, explore emerging research areas, and to work more effectively with NASA Centers, industry, other research organizations in the Iowa jurisdiction.

PDTGs up to $7,650 each will be awarded on a first come, first serve basis, until funding is expended per year. Proposed travel objective should utilize NASA relevant themes or emerging NASA developed technology. Examples of activities that will be supported through this program include, but are not limited to, organizing or attending a NASA-relevant meeting, conference, or workshop. Recipients of this grant will be expected to submit proposals in the next round of Iowa NASA EPSCoR and/or NASA EPSCoR competitions.

The research agenda of Iowa NASA EPSCoR also supports the goals and objectives as determined by the Iowa Economic Development Authority. The relevant economy sectors for the PDTG include Advanced Manufacturing and Biosciences.

This grant will support faculty from academia, as well as researchers from industry and government agencies in Iowa.