Iowa NASA EPSCoR Suborbital Flight Opportunity - LOI

Sponsor Deadline: 

Feb 14, 2022

Letter of Intent Deadline: 

Feb 14, 2022



UI Contact: 

Researchers who need to use a micro- or reduced-gravity environment to test their projects can submit for funding through the Suborbital Flight Opportunity, announcement NNH22ZHA002C. Iowa can only submit one proposal for this call, and so Iowa NASA EPSCoR requests a Notice of Intent by 2/14/22.

This award is $250,000 to be spent over three years, with no cost-share requirement. In addition, flight costs by the chosen flight provider are over and above the $250K, and will also be funded if chosen by NASA. I know this will be a point of confusion on budgets, so please reach out with questions. (In a nutshell, research/materials/salary/travel + IDC would be capped at $250K, then flight costs and associated IDC are added after that. Flight providers are NOT to be listed as a subaward in the budget.)

More information is available at the Iowa NASA EPSCoR website

Please contact Kelsey Mueller  at 515-294-7622; email, Program Coordinator, in the Iowa NASA EPSCoR Office, Iowa State University, with questions.