JDRF: Postdoctoral Fellowship opportunity

Sponsor Deadline: 

Jun 29, 2022


Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

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Sponsor link https://grantcenter.jdrf.org/rfa/postdoctoral-fellowships/

Postdoctoral fellowships are designed to attract qualified, promising scientists entering their professional career in the T1D research field. The applicant is required to work with a sponsor who can provide a training environment conducive to beginning a career in type 1 diabetes-relevant research. At the time of activating the award, the applicant must have a doctoral degree (PhD, MD, DMD, DVM), or the equivalent from an accredited institution and must not be simultaneously serving an internship or residency.

The applicant must be sponsored by an investigator who is affiliated full-time with an accredited institution and who agrees to supervise the applicant’s training. The sponsor does not necessarily need to have a background in diabetes, but the research project must be type 1 diabetes-related.

The research plan should be suitable for a three-year postdoctoral training period. The project should ask a specific and substantive question and be relevant to JDRF’s mission. Extensive discussion between the applicant and the proposed mentor is expected in order to identify an appropriate research project – one that is up-to-date, instructive, and suited to a three-year fellowship period.