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Apr 30, 2022


Lung Cancer Research Foundation

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In keeping with our mission, the LCRF grant program provides funding for research into the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure of lung cancer. Our funding mechanisms are designed to fund innovative projects across a variety of diverse topics and to support the careers of talented scientists. To learn about research that has been previously funded by LCRF, please visit the Our Investigators section. Information for investigators seeking funding for research, including an overview of our funding mechanisms and any current requests for proposals, can be found below. For questions about our grants, please contact us at

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About Our Grants

LCRF Pilot Grant Program

The LCRF pilot grant program funds innovative projects across the full spectrum of basic, translational, clinical, epidemiological, health services, early detection, disparities, and social determinants of health research, focused on one or more of the following topics:

  • Lung cancer biology
  • Prevention and screening for early detection
  • Identification of new biomarkers
  • Development of more effective and less toxic therapies including but not limited to targeted and immune-therapies
  • Genetic and gene-environment interactions
  • Interactions and contributions of multiple factors (e.g. smoking, genetics, environment, societal factors) to disparities in lung cancer outcomes
  • Mechanisms of sensitivity and resistance to lung cancer therapies
  • Bioengineering approaches to understanding and/or treating lung cancer (i.e., theranostics, biomaterials, nanotechnology, controlled-drug release, and gene-therapy)
  • Supportive measures for people with lung cancer and their families

These awards provide a maximum of $150,000 in funding over a period of two years to early- and mid-career investigators.