Misophonia Research Fund - LOI

Sponsor Deadline: 

Dec 10, 2021


REAM Foundation, Milken Institute

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The Misophonia Research Fund is soliciting research proposals that aim to characterize misophonia, develop objective methods to assess misophonia, or evaluate interventions for misophonia. MRF is requesting letters of intent by December 10, 2021 (required. Invited full proposals will be due on March 11, 2022.
PDF   https://milkeninstitute.org/sites/default/files/2021-10/2021MRFTool%20ValidationRFP.pdf

Misophonia is a disorder of decreased tolerance to specific sounds or stimuli associated with such sounds. These stimuli, known as “triggers,” are experienced as unpleasant or distressing and tend to evoke strong negative emotional, physiological, and behavioral responses that are not seen in most other people.

Proposals should seek to validate one or more of the following 3 types of misophonia tools, and applicants encouraged to prioritize the following features for each type of instrument:
•a scale to screen for the presence of misophonia symptoms
•a self-assessment to assess the severity of symptoms 
•a structured clinical interview to confirm a diagnosis of misophonia