MTEC Cross-Cutting Prevention Opportunities to Decrease Harmful Behaviors, Increase Service Member Readiness, Performance - white paper

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Feb 11, 2021

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Feb 11, 2021


Medical Technology Enterprise Consortium MTEC, DOD Army Medical Research and Materiel Command USAMRMC

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Comprehensive Cross-Cutting Prevention Opportunity to Decrease Harmful Behaviors and Increase Service Member Readiness and Performance
  Solicitation Number: MTEC-21-05-Cross-cutting
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The University of Iowa is a member of the MTEC Medical Technology Enterprise Consortium
MTEC Open Solicitations

This Request for Project Proposals (RPP) is focused on optimizing health promotion via prevention initiatives for the military that provide education and skills, protective environments, and healthy climates and relationships in efforts to prevent various forms of violent, abusive, or harmful acts. This RPP aims to address the following cross-cutting prevention focus areas of interest:
FOCUS AREA #1: Community Based Participatory Research (CBPR)-Use CBPR/participatory action research to enhance the military community relevance of research and to develop, assess, and sustain cross-cutting prevention that is culturally grounded in the military community(-ies).
FOCUS AREA #2: Measurement and Assessment -Novel methodologies to efficiently identify and/or collect short-, medium-, and long-term indicators of effectiveness of cross-cutting prevention programming.
 FOCUS AREA #3: Effective Primary Prevention Programming-Develop and/or adapt and test primary prevention (addressing individual, relationship, team, leader, community, and/or systems-level aspects) programming for the military context.