MTEC: Interoperable Medical Automated Systems (iMAS) Technology and Gap Assessment

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Jun 18, 2020


DOD Defense Medical Technology Enterprise Consortium MTEC

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MTEC  Interoperable Medical Automated Systems (iMAS) Technology and Gap Assessment

MTEC Active Solicitations

The Medical Technology Enterprise Consortium (MTEC) is excited to post this Request for Project Proposals (RPP) that aims to help develop a research prototype for the ability to tele-monitor and capture research data for the following research areas: COVID-19 wards, emergency rooms/trauma rooms (ERs/TRs), and neurological patients.  The University of Iowa is a member of the MTEC.  Please register for the MTEC 20-13-iMAS Proposers Conference to be held on Tuesday, June 2, 2020 at 10:00 AM ET at:

The DOD has identified three tasks for funding under this RPP.  *To meet the intent of this RPP, each proposal MUST ADDRESS ALL THREE TASKS described below. Proposed projects that do not meet the full scope of all three tasks and technical requirements described herein will not be considered for funding.

Task 1:  iMAS Patient Operational Remote Tele-monitoring Advanced Layout (PORTAL)   This task shall deliver an initial prototype for the iMAS PORTAL. Proposed projects shall demonstrate the ability of existing remote monitoring capabilities being utilized in a hospital center that is currently tracking COVID-19 patients. This capability shall compile over a hundred million data points, per patient, per day with minimal provider exposure to COVID-19. With near real time waveform and data to include heart rate, systolic/diastolic blood pressure, mean arterial pressure, SpO2, respirations, temperature, end tidal CO2, inter-cranial pressure, lab data and electrocardiograms, this capability shall provide a continual view of the patient. The Awardee shall provide their system to the Government with open system architecture, structured data elements, and establish protocols required to remotely collect data from COVID-19 patients.

Task 2:  iMAS Trauma Room/Emergency room (TR/ER)      This task focuses on the execution of an iMAS TR/ER work flow study to produce clear and concise data that will be utilized for future battlefield medical automation. Through video analysis, the Awardee will build a database of real world medical trauma cases to include patient diagnosis, complete vital signs sets, medications given, medical treatments performed, and patient outcomes.

Task 3:  Medic Instrument for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)      This task will evaluate medic based applications to identify early indicators and clinical prognosticators of TBI. The Medic Instrument for TBI will evaluate existing mobile applications that will be utilized prehospital and evaluate them against on-going CT or MRI standard data through clinical protocols. These indicators and prognosticators will aid field care providers in identifying and triaging Warfighters who have suffered a TBI to assess their ability to return to duty or for evacuation for additional intervention (e.g., neurosurgery or neurocritical care). This study will evaluate a diagnostic tool for point of injury care that requires no more hardware than a standard cell phone. This task is to evaluate the correlation between available applications and advanced patient assessment for TBIs.