NASA Earth Science Applications: Socioeconomic Assessments

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Mar 22, 2022

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Jan 25, 2022


National Aeronautics and Space Admin

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Earth Science Applications: Socioeconomic Assessments
Optional Notices of Intent to propose are requested by January 25, 2022


The Earth Science Applications: Socioeconomic Assessments (SEA) program element seeks to expand research, methodologies, tools, and capacity for assessments of the socio-economic value from Earth science information for applications, including decision- and policy-support issues and operational contexts.

This program element encompasses two sub elements: Socioeconomic Assessments, and Community and Capacity Development.

The Socioeconomic Assessments sub-element advances and exercises assessment techniques on the value of Earth science information,1 in societal and economic terms, for real-world applications. This sub-element increases case study examples and the peer-reviewed literature base and supports collaborations among economic and other social scientists with Earth system scientists.

The Community and Capacity Development sub-element fosters a thriving, cross-disciplinary community of Earth scientists, engineers, and economists and other social
scientists; diversity and inclusion are critical considerations in this community building. This sub-element builds the familiarity of Earth scientists about socioeconomic concepts and methods, and it enables cross-disciplinary networking for ideation and collaboration.

Overall, these two elements can build a strong presence of the work nationally and internationally, foster further work on this topic, induce more Earth science applications, and support better public understanding of the value and benefits of Earth science to society.