NASA EPSCoR: Accepting pre-proposals for research awards

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Oct 21, 2022


National Aeronautics and Space Administration

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The Iowa NASA EPSCoR Office is now soliciting for pre-proposals from our research community for both the NASA EPSCoR International Space Station (ISS) Flight Opportunity Award and the NASA EPSCoR Research Award. Please find and distribute the attached announcements as appropriate.

 Any questions can be directed to

Solicitation of pre-proposals prior to release of the FY2023 CAN will provide our review committee ample time to down-select for one strong pre-proposal to move forward to full development. Iowa is allowed to submit only one proposal. Past solicitations have generally stayed the same in research topics, therefore the previous year’s CANs are included in the RFPs.

The Iowa NASA EPSCoR office is requesting pre-proposals in advance of the FY2022 CAN release. It is anticipated that the National NASA EPSCoR solicitation will be released in lateNovember 2022, with a single strong full proposal due from Iowa in early February 2023. To allow sufficient time to select and develop this proposal, the Iowa NASA EPSCoR office is soliciting for pre-proposals in advance of the FY2023 CAN release. Based on past CAN solicitations, no significant changes are anticipated. Please view previous year’s CAN online on our funding page,

Eligibility: Faculty throughout Iowa, particularly junior faculty, women, and members of underrepresented groups are encouraged to apply. NASA EPSCoR has no citizenship requirements; however, it should be noted that foreign nationals are not normally allowed into NASA Centers. Faculty with a current NASA EPSCoR Research CAN award are not eligible to apply.