NASA EPSCoR ISS Flight Opportunity

Sponsor Deadline: 

Apr 22, 2024

Letter of Intent Deadline: 

Feb 2, 2024



UI Contact: 

The Iowa NASA EPSCoR office has opened NOI applications for the NASA EPSCoR ISS Flight Opportunity.

The Iowa NASA EPSCoR office is requesting NOIs in advance of the FY2024 ISS Flight Opportunity NOFO release. A single, strong, full proposal is due from Iowa on April 22, 2024. To allow sufficient time to select and develop this proposal, the Iowa NASA EPSCoR office is soliciting for NOIs to indicate whether pre-proposals will be necessary. Visit for more information:

Anticipated Release Date

January 8th, 2024


February 2nd 2024. Submit NOI here

Pre-Proposals (if needed)

March 1st, 2024


April 22th, 2024

The program parameters are:

  • It is estimated that up to six (6) proposals may be selected for funding.
  • The maximum funding request per proposal is $100,000 for ISS Flight Opp. This amount is to be expended over a three-year period. *Proposers are not required to fund launch costs see NOFO for full details.
  • There is no cost share requirement for this opportunity.
  • The anticipated start date may be negotiated with the NASA Shared Services Center (NSSC) Grants Officer.
  • A maximum of one proposal will be selected to go forward from the State of Iowa. The Iowa NASA EPSCoR Technical Advisory Committee will select the winning pre-proposal if multiple NOIs are received.
  • Please follow your institutional protocol for proposal and budget creation and submission to the Iowa NASA EPSCoR Office. 

A copy of the RFP and previous NOFO opportunity are attached for reference. Please reach out with any questions to the Iowa NASA EPSCoR office at

Submit your Notice of Intent