NASA Innovation Corps



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The NASA Innovation Corps (I-Corps) Pilot is intended to provide support for participation in the National Science Foundation (NSF) Innovation Corps (I-Corps™) Program to train faculty, students in higher education, post-docs, and other researchers in innovation and entrepreneurship skills.

The pilot employs education through courses to guide teams in the process of developing a business model while supporting teams as they explore the commercial potential of their research. NASA’s Science Mission Directorate and Space Technology Mission Directorate are partnering to expand the agency’s participation by leveraging the infrastructure of NSF’s I-Corps Program and National Innovation Network.

Awards for two types of courses are possible: a "Short Course" and a "National Course." All pilot teams are required to take a Short Course offered by an NSF I-Corps sponsored Hub and should apply through this program element prior to registering for the Short Course. Awarded teams that complete a Short Course may then apply for funds for the National Course.

The proposal cut-offs for the review cycles timed to correspond to course dates are:
(a) Summer Funding: May 19, 2023
(b) Fall/Winter Funding: September 8, 2023;
(c) Spring/Early Summer Funding: January 26, 2024; March 29, 2024
(d) Late Summer and Fall 2024