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Mar 29, 2023


National Aeronautics and Space Administration

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Now Open: Proposals for NASA Innovation Corps Pilot. In an exciting, expanded partnership with the National Science Foundation, NASA’s Science and Space Technology Mission Directorates offer a new pathway to participate in Innovation Corps (I-Corps)™. The NASA I-Corps™ Pilot is aimed to accelerate the transition of promising ideas from the lab to the marketplace, while encouraging collaboration between academia and industry. The NASA I-Corps™ Pilot will support teams with access to training in innovation and entrepreneurship skills through a grant, for up to $10,000, and the opportunity to apply for additional funding, up to $40,000. Read the full NASA announcement. Eligible teams must include at least three members from higher education (two- to four-year institutions) or non-profit institutions with a NASA-relevant research focus. Proposing teams need not have received a previous NASA award to apply. Read the full solicitation and submit a proposal on NSPIRES. The recording from the June 29th webinar is here and the slides are posted under “Other Documents” on the NSPIRES page. Applications will be reviewed throughout the year with the following deadlines and targeted award start dates:    


  • Due September 16th for award start date December 2022  
  • Due November 17th for award start date February 2023  
  • Due January 20th for award start date April 2023  

This program element does not have a proposal due date. Proposals may be submitted at any time; refer to the solicitation for the approximate review schedule as a guide to planning submission. The date shown above of 3/29/2023 is the last day that proposals may be submitted here, subject to the ROSES-22 rules and the current Guidebook for Proposers. The ROSES-23 version of this program element is planned to overlap with this ROSES-22 version by a few weeks, allowing continuous submission of proposals across ROSES years.

The description of the specific proposal opportunity on this page is contained in the document 'F.18 NASA Innovation Corps Pilot'. The document 'F.1 Cross Division Research Overview' describes research activities within the NASA division that is managing the specific proposal opportunity on this page and may impose requirements upon proposals submitted to this program element. The document 'Summary of Solicitation' describes the common requirements for all ROSES-2022 proposal opportunities. The document 'Table 1' contains the proposal check list from the Summary of Solicitation. The documents 'Table 2' and 'Table 3' contain the list of all proposal opportunities and their due dates, sort by (full or Step-2) proposal due date or appendix number, respectively. All of these documents are kept up to date and incorporate amendments, clarifications, and corrections in a clearly identifiable manner.