NASA Physical Sciences Informatics

Sponsor Deadline: 

Jan 10, 2022


National Aeronautics and Space Admin

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NASA is requesting proposals for the best ideas to use the Physical Sciences Informatics (PSI) database which can be found at

 ROSES-2021 E.8 Physical Sciences Informatics (PSI) program element solicits ground-based research proposals – both experimental and numerical studies – utilizing experimental data residing in NASA’s Physical Sciences Informatics (PSI) system. The PSI system includes experimental data from the following six research areas 1) Biophysics, 2) Combustion Science, 3) Complex Fluids, 4) Fluid Physics, 5) Fundamental Physics, and 6) Materials Science. The proposals submitted in response to this call must present a compelling case on how the experimental data from the PSI system will be used to promote the advancement of further research.

 Due date for proposals is January 10, 2022.