NASA TRISH Postdoctoral Fellowships

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Jan 26, 2023


Translational Research Institute for Space Health - NASA

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This Request for Applications (RFA) is soliciting applications for the TRISH Postdoctoral Fellowship Program. Postdoctoral fellowships will be competitively awarded in any laboratory in the United States (U.S.) conducting biomedical/biotechnological research aligned with TRISH’s mission and goals. Applications will be screened for compliance and undergo a scientific and technical peer review by an external peer review committee consisting of a number of experienced scientists. Relevance to TRISH’s and NASA’s programmatic needs and goals will also be evaluated by TRISH management. Selections will be performed by the TRISH Selection Official. The award is for two years of funding; an optional, competitively awarded third year of funding may be available. The Research Plan should only describe the work to be completed during the 2-year fellowship period. TRISH may release a call for a competitive third year of funding which will describe a new scope of work and will take into account the awardee’s performance during the first two years of funding and be evaluated by TRISH’s science management.