National Geospatial Intelligence Agency Boosting Innovative GEOINT Research BAA

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Jul 31, 2023


DOD Defense National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

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National Geospatial Intelligence Agency Boosting Innovative GEOINT Research Broad Agency Announcement (NGA BIG-R BAA)

The mission of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) Research Directorate is to deliver future Geospatial-Intelligence (GEOINT) capabilities to users for operational impact. NGA Research supports the National Security Strategy by solving hard defense and intelligence problems for the Intelligence Community and Department of Defense. GEOINT is the exploitation and analysis of imagery and geospatial information to describe, assess, and visually depict physical features and geographically referenced activities on the Earth. GEOINT consists of imagery, imagery intelligence, and geospatial information. NGA offers a variety of critical GEOINT products in support of U.S. national security objectives and Federal disaster relief, including aeronautical, geodesy, hydrographic, imagery, geospatial and topographical information. The Boosting Innovative GEOINT-Research Broad Agency Announcement (BIG-R BAA) invites proposers to submit innovative basic and applied research and development concepts that address one or more of the following technical domains: (1) Foundational GEOINT, (2) Advanced Phenomenologies, and (3) Analytic Technologies. It is NGA’s intent to solicit basic and applied research under this BAA. NGA seeks proposals from qualified proposers for path-breaking GEOINT research in areas of potential interest to NGA.