National Pork Board Graduate/Professional Student Fellowship

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Feb 25, 2020


National Pork Board

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National Pork Board Graduate/Professional Student Fellowship
Proposals due  February 25, 2020.

As National Pork Board NPB now targets research for funding differently, there is an opportunity to ensure funding of professional student (MS, PhD, Veterinary-PhD) education and training in critical areas of study in traditional and non-traditional disciplines to provide a pipeline of highly skilled employees for the pork industry.

The intended outcome of this fellowship program is highly trained professionals who possess skills and abilities that have direct application to pork production now and in the future.  While results of specific, swine-related research projects is NOT the desired outcome, the NPB recognizes that research is a critical component of professional student training.  Therefore, research described in the proposal MUST be in an area of importance to the pork industry.

Agricultural Economics, farm animal welfare, animal health, pork quality and safety, sustainability, producer and public health