NEA Research Labs FY 2023

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Mar 28, 2022


National Endowment for the Arts

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NEA Research Labs
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An organization may submit more than one application under these NEA Research Labs guidelines. In each case, the request must be for a distinctly different project. However, an organization will not receive more than one new NEA Research Labs award.
Applicants to the NEA Research Labs program may apply to other NEA funding opportunities within the same fiscal year, including Research Grants in the Arts. However, each proposal must be for a distinctly different project. An organization will not receive both a Research Grants in the Arts award and a new NEA Research Lab award in the same fiscal year.

The NEA Research Labs program offers grant funding for longer-term research agendas. These agendas will include multiple research studies and activities that build and inform the field throughout the life of an NEA Research Lab. Applicants seeking grant funding for a specific and discrete research study should refer to the Research Grants in the Arts program guidelines.
Each NEA Research Lab will design a transdisciplinary research agenda, conduct project activities to execute that agenda, and prepare and disseminate reports and other products or services that will contribute substantively to a wider understanding of one of three areas of special interest to the NEA:

  • The Arts, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation
  • The Arts, Creativity, Cognition, and Learning
  • The Arts, Health, and Social/Emotional Well-Being

The NEA encourages applications from diverse research fields, e.g., economics; psychology; education; sociology; medicine, health, and therapy; communications; business administration; urban and regional planning.