NEH Digital Projects for the Public

Sponsor Deadline: 

Jun 9, 2021

Letter of Intent Deadline: 

May 5, 2021


National Endowment for the Humanities

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NEH Digital Projects for the Public
Optional draft due May 5, 2021 
Application due June 9, 2021

The Digital Projects for the Public program supports projects that interpret and analyze humanities content in primarily digital platforms and formats, such as websites, mobile applications and tours, interactive touch screens and kiosks, games, and virtual environments.  All projects should demonstrate the potential to attract a broad, general, nonspecialist audience, either online or in person at venues such as museums, libraries, or other cultural institutions. Applicants may also choose to identify particular communities and groups, including students, to whom a project may have particular appeal.
Eligible applicants may submit multiple applications for separate and distinct projects under this notice.

The Digital Projects for the Public program includes three funding categories: Discovery, Prototyping, and Production. Awards are available to support preliminary research, to design or create prototypes, and to produce the final version of the project.

NEH Area  of Interest: “A More Perfect Union”: NEH Special Initiative Advancing Civic Education and Commemorating the Nation’s 250th Anniversary