NIST Measurement Science and Engineering Research: Advanced Materials, Nanomaterials, Electronics, Biomaterials, Environment, Energy, Fuels, Emissions, Biologics, Diagnostics, Food and Water Safety, Forensics, Biomanufacturing, Infrastructure - rolling


Commerce National Institute of Standards and Technology NIST

NIST  Measurement Science and Engineering (MSE) Research Grant Programs


Advanced materials, from nanomaterials to structural steels to complex fluids;
 Electronics, from semiconductors to organic electronics;  
Energy, from characterization and performance of fossil and alternative fuels to next-generation renewables;
Environment, from the measurement of automotive exhaust emissions to contaminant monitoring to assessment of climate change and the health and safety aspects of engineered nanomaterials; 
Food safety and nutrition, from contaminant monitoring to ensuring the accuracy of nutritional labels;
Health care, from clinical diagnostics to tissue engineering and more efficient manufacturing of biologic drugs; 
Infrastructure, from the aging of the country’s bridges and pipelines to the quality of our drinking water;
Manufacturing, from lightweight alloys for fuel-efficient automobiles to biomanufacturing and data for chemical manufacturing;  Safety, security and forensics, from gunshot and explosive residue detection to ensuring the performance of body armor materials and DNA-based human identity testing.