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Oct 18, 2021


Commerce National Oceanic and Atmospheric Admin

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Climate Program Office FY2022

CPO Climate Program Office supports competitive research through four major program areas: Earth System Science and Modeling (ESSM); Climate and Societal Interactions (CSI); Communication, Education and Engagement (CEE); and the National Integrated Drought Information System (NIDIS). Through this announcement, CPO is seeking applications for eight individual competitions in FY22. Several of these competitions are relevant to high-priority climate risk areas. CPO is organizing some of its activities around these areas to improve science understanding and/or capabilities that result in user-driven outcomes. Four climate risk areas of particular interest to CPO are: Coastal Inundation, Marine Ecosystems, Water Resources, and Extreme Heat.

List of Competitions

  • Competition 1: AC4 - Fire and Smoke at the Wildland-Urban Interface
  • Competition 2: OAR/CPO/CVP - NWS/OSTI/Modeling Division Joint Competition to Advance Process Understanding and Representation of Precipitation in Models
  • Competition 3: CVP - Observation and Modeling Studies in Support of Tropical Pacific Process Studies, Pre-Field-II.
  • Competition 4: COM/MAPP/CSI - Improving Climate Understanding and Information For Marine Sanctuary Management Planning
  • Competition 5: ERB -Atmospheric aerosols and their potential roles in solar climate intervention methods
  • Competition 6: CEE: Climate-Smart Communities Initiative
  • Competition 7: NIDIS CWD - Ecological Drought
  • Competition 8: NIDIS CWD - Building Tribal Drought Resilience