NOAA Climate Program Office - Climate and Atmospheric Research

Sponsor Deadline: 

Nov 20, 2018

Letter of Intent Deadline: 

Sep 10, 2018


Commerce National Oceanic and Atmospheric Admin

NOAA Climate Program Office

LOI due Sept. 10, 2018
While LOIs are strongly encouraged, LOIs are not required and applicants may submit a full application even if they have not submitted an LOI.
Application due Nov. 20, 2018.

The strategy of the Climate Program Office  CPO addresses challenges in the areas of: (1) Weather and climate extremes, (2) Climate impacts on water resources, (3) Coasts and climate resilience, (4) Sustainability of marine ecosystems, and (5) Changing atmospheric composition and its impacts. Making progress in addressing climate-related societal challenges, and realizing benefits for NOAA’s public and private partners, requires that these mission-focused capabilities be integrated across CPO to align research, applications, transitions, and operations, and to meet the information needs for a resilient society.  We work towards this objective of integration through a focus on climate intelligence and climate resilience, in support of NOAA’s goals.

CPO defines climate intelligence as the capabilities regarding: (1) Observations and monitoring, (2) Earth system science and modeling, (3) Climate and societal interactions, and (4) Communication, education, and engagement. Climate resilience leverages climate intelligence to advance capabilities for responding to the urgent and growing demand for reliable, trusted, transparent, and timely climate information needed to protect and sustain all sectors of our economy and environment.