NOAA Coral Restoration Innovation Grants

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Feb 23, 2022


Commerce National Oceanic and Atmospheric Admin

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FY2022 NOAA Ruth Gates Coral Restoration Innovation Grant Program

Funds will be administered by the Office of Habitat Conservation in conjunction with the NOAA Coral Reef Conservation Program. The work funded through this program is aimed at promoting long-term persistence of corals by supporting the science needed to incorporate resilient corals into restoration activities and to enhance the efficiency of sexual coral restoration. The principal objective of this grant program is to move coral intervention science towards field application in order to increase coral survivorship and promote resilient, genetically diverse, and reproductively viable coral populations. Projects funded through the Ruth Gates Restoration Innovation Grants are expected to have an overarching goal of bringing intervention research closer to applied restoration efforts. These projects should 1) advance the research and development of coral interventions to improve resilience to environmental stressors or 2) research innovations to improve the survival of post sexually-derived propagules in order to increase genetic diversity of coral populations.