NOAA Environmental Literacy Program: Increasing community resilience to extreme weather and climate change - preapplication

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Nov 1, 2021

Letter of Intent Deadline: 

Nov 1, 2021


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Environmental Literacy Program: Increasing community resilience to extreme weather & climate change

Priority 1 awards will support new projects taking place in the Central and Eastern Regions of the United States, including Iowa.
For Priority 1, the deadline for required pre-applications is 11:59 pm EDT on November 1, 2021.The deadline for those invited to submit full applications is March 17, 2022.
An applicant may only submit a given project idea to one priority or the other.
Priority 2 awards will support the evolution of projects funded under the 2015-2018 funding opportunities from this program (NOAA-SEC-OED-2015-2004408, NOAA-SEC-OED 2016-2004737, and NOAA-SEC-OED-2018-2005455).
For Priority 2, pre-applications are not required and the deadline for full applications is  January 25, 2022.

The goal of this funding opportunity is for communities to have sufficient collective environmental literacy to take actions that build resilience to extreme weather and climate change in ways that contribute to community health, social cohesion, and socio-economic equity. These communities will be composed of children, youth, and adults who participate in formal and/or informal education experiences that develop their knowledge, skills,and confidence to: 1) reason about the ways that human and natural systems interact globally and locally, including the acknowledgement of disproportionately distributed vulnerabilities; 2)participate in civic processes; and 3) incorporate scientific information, cultural knowledge, and diverse community values. Efforts to build environmental literacy should ultimately aim to reduce risks from current and future environmental hazards through climate-smart and inclusive decision making and long-term stewardship of healthy ecosystems, all the while promoting alow-carbon economy.