NOAA Estuarine Research Graduate Fellowship

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Dec 10, 2021


Commerce National Oceanic and Atmospheric Admin Office of Coastal Management

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Margaret A Davidson Estuarine Research Graduate Fellowship
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This two-year fellowship program will place one graduate student at each of the 29 national estuarine research reserves.  All Davidson Fellowship projects must be conducted in coordination with a research reserve, specified in the application, and designed to address one of the reserve’s priority management questions. Approaches to these questions may be from a variety of disciplines spanning the range of natural and social sciences; cross-discipline approaches are encouraged. Through a research project, fellows address a key reserve management need to help scientists and communities understand coastal challenges that may influence future policy and management strategies.  The research reserves represent the apex of estuary science. At these coastal sites, fieldwork, research, and community engagement come together to create the scientific advances that change our communities and our world.