NOAA: Geospatial Modeling

Sponsor Deadline: 

Apr 24, 2023

Internal Deadline: 

Mar 13, 2023

Letter of Intent Deadline: 

Mar 22, 2023


National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

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The purpose of this notice is for the National Geodetic Survey to solicit grant proposals from eligible organizations to implement activities that modernize and improve the National Spatial Reference System (NSRS) and advance the science of geodesy in the United States. NOAA encourages proposals submitted in response to this announcement to include student collaboration and education. The program priorities under this grant program include; 1) Research and develop new methodologies for defining and applications for working with the NSRS; 2) develop and evaluate tools, models, and guidelines to access, analyze, and manipulate geodetic data; 3) enhance infrastructure of geodetic control, coastal remote sensing data, survey measurements, and other physical datasets that comprise the NSRS; 4) support education, capacity building, and technology transfer for the future of geodesy; 5) coordinate through partnerships with local, state, and regional users (e.g. state and local governments, universities, and/or the public sector).