NSA STARTALK Pilot Programs for Teaching Critical Foreign Languages

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May 7, 2021


National Security Agency NSA

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National Security Agency - Center for Education, Innovation and Outreach  STARTALK Pilot Programs
NSA Startalk website:   https://startalk.umd.edu/public/
Url    https://mcusercontent.com/7f265986832bacbe03cc3eb73/files/d7c30b24-3d84-481b-b639-53dcbdcaef3a/2021_STARTALK_Grant_Solicitation_Pilot_Programs_v1.1.pdf

The pilot programs will provide insight and proof of concept for transition of STARTALK  to year-round programs to help participants increase and/or maintain language proficiency throughout the academic school year; and workforce development to help identify opportunities to prepare and equip program participants to enter the workforce utilizing their language skills and proficiency. These pilot STARTALK Programs should focus on language skills development intended to inspire interest in federal careers in critical foreign languages amongst middle, high school and college students (grades 6-16).
STARTALK provides funding and support to institutions to conduct K-16 language student education and teacher development programs of less commonly taught and critical-need languages that meet the national security and defense priorities. Currently these languages include Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Persian, and Russian.

STARTALK responds to a recognized need to develop and teach critical need foreign language skills at the K-16 levels. The program achieves this by providing grants to universities, public or private schools or school systems to conduct in-residence, commuter, virtual, or hybrid learning events for students