NSF Computing and Communication Foundations: Core Programs


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NSF Computing and Communication Foundations (CCF): Core Programs
NSF Publication 19-589   https://www.nsf.gov/pubs/2019/nsf19589/nsf19589.htm?WT.mc_id=USNSF_25&WT...

Deadlines September through November, depending on the project.


The NSF CISE Directorate supports research and education projects that develop new knowledge in all aspects of computing, communications, and information science and engineering, as well as advanced cyberinfrastructure, through the following core programs:

Office of Advanced Cyberinfrastructure (OAC):  OAC Core Research (OAC Core) program;

Division of Computing and Communication Foundations (CCF):

  • Algorithmic Foundations (AF) program;
  • Communications and Information Foundations (CIF) program;
  • Foundations of Emerging Technologies (FET) program; and
  • Software and Hardware Foundations (SHF) program;

Division of Computer and Network Systems (CNS):  CNS Core (CNS Core) program;

Division of Information and Intelligent Systems (IIS):

  • Cyber-Human Systems (CHS) program;
  • Information Integration and Informatics (III) program; and
  • Robust Intelligence (RI) program.