NSF: Partnerships for Innovation - Technology Translation

Sponsor Deadline: 

Jan 12, 2022


National Science Foundation Dir. for Engineering

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NSF: Partnerships for Innovation PFI Technology Translation
NSF 19-506

This solicitation offers two broad tracks for proposals:
There is no limit on the number of Partnerships for Innovation-Technology Translation PFI-TT proposals an organization may submit to a deadline of this solicitation  https://www.nsf.gov/pubs/2019/nsf19506/nsf19506.htm

However, an organization is limited to no more than one new or resubmitted Partnerships for Innovation-Research Partnerships PFI-RP proposal per deadline of this solicitation. University of Iowa applicants must refer to:   https://uiowa.infoready4.com/#competitionDetail/1847625

The intended outcomes of both PFI-TT and PFI-RP tracks are: a) the commercialization of new intellectual property derived from NSF-funded research outputs; b) the creation of new or broader collaborations with industry (including increased corporate sponsored research); c) the licensing of NSF-funded research outputs to third party corporations or to start-up companies funded by a PFI team; and d) the training of future innovation and entrepreneurship leaders.