NSF Physics - Investigator-Initiated Research Projects - deadlines depend on program


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NSF  Division of Physics - Investigator Initiated Research Projects
NSF 20-580
Deadline depends on program

Physics of Living Systems  - October 19, 2020       Third Monday in October, Annually Thereafter

 Plasma Physics  -  November 16, 2020       Third Monday in November, Annually Thereafter

AMO - Theory and Experiment; Gravitational Physics - Theory and Experiment; LIGO Research Support;Integrative Activities in Physics -
  November 25, 2020       Fourth Wednesday in November, Annually Thereafter

Nuclear Physics - Theory and Experiment; Elementary Particle Physics - Experiment; Particle Astrophysics - Experiment -
     December 01, 2020       First Tuesday in December, Annually Thereafter

 Elementary Particle Physics - Theory; Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology – Theory; Quantum Information Science    - 
December 08, 2020       Second Tuesday in December, Annually Thereafter