NSF Program for International Research Experiences for Science and Engineering Students - Nov. deadlines


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International Research Experiences for Students (IRES)
NSF 20-598

The International Research Experiences for Students (IRES) program supports international research and research-related activities for U.S. science and engineering students. The IRES program contributes to development of a diverse, globally engaged workforce with world-class skills. IRES focuses on active research participation by undergraduate and/or graduate students in high quality international research, education and professional development experiences in NSF-funded research areas.

The overarching, long-term goal of the IRES program is to enhance U.S. leadership in science and engineering research and education and to strengthen economic competitiveness through training the next generation of research leaders.

This solicitation features two mechanisms; proposers are required to select one of the following tracks to submit their proposal. 
Track I focuses on the development of world-class research skills in international cohort experiences.
Track II is dedicated to targeted, intensive learning and training opportunities that leverage international knowledge at the frontiers of research.

Students do not apply directly to NSF to participate in IRES activities. Students apply to NSF-funded investigators who receive IRES awards.Student participants supported by IRES funds must be citizens, nationals, or permanent residents of the United States.   

  •   Engineering
  •  Mathematics, Physical Sciences
  •   Geosciences
  •   Computer and Information Science and Engineering
  •   Biology, Biological Sciences
  •   Social Behavioral Sciences and Economics
  •   Education and Human Resources
  •   Office of International Science and Engineering