NSF Research Coordination Networks: Fostering a Diverse Community of CI Cyberinfrastructure Professionals

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Apr 25, 2022


National Science Foundation

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NSF  Research Coordination Networks: Fostering and Nurturing a Diverse Community of CI Professionals (RCN:CIP)
22-558    https://www.nsf.gov/pubs/2022/nsf22558/nsf22558.htm

The national research cyberinfrastructure (CI) ecosystem is a key catalyst for discovery and innovation across research domains and plays a critical role in ensuring US leadership in science and engineering, economic competitiveness, and national security, consistent with NSF’s mission. A diverse, skilled, capable, and productive workforce is required to effectively leverage and utilize current, emerging, and future CI capabilities
NSF will support a set of Research Coordination Networks (RCN) to advance CI Professionals communities through transformative and/or new approaches for fostering, nurturing, expanding, and sustaining such communities. The RCN:CIP projects are intended to:

  • foster exchange and community development among CI Professionals;
  • share experience on sustaining and retaining CI Professionals;
  • raise the awareness and importance of CI Professionals in academia, and convey the information to academic leaders on their career development;
  • communicate opportunities for, and importance of, CI Professionals’ collaboration with research and engineering groups;
  • advance best practices for recruiting and developing CI expertise at all levels;
  • explore mutually beneficial partnerships across the different stakeholders in academia, government, non-profits, and industry; and
  • explore the establishment and sustainability of a network of hubs over the longer term, including governance and coordination among these hubs.