NSF Social Psychology - deadlines Jan. and July


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NSF Social Psychology
PD 98-1332

Proposed research should carry strong potential for creating transformative advances in the basic understanding of human social behavior.  Among the many research topics supported are: social cognition, attitudes, social and cultural influence, stereotypes, motivation, decision making, group dynamics, aggression, close relationships, social and affective neuroscience, social psychophysiology, emotions, prosocial behavior, health-related behavior, and personality and individual differences.  Proposals that develop new theories or methods for understanding social behavior are highly encouraged.  Research samples should represent substantial ranges of ethnicities, socioeconomic backgrounds, cultures, and other dimensions of human populations.

The Social Psychology Program accepts regular research proposals, including Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) proposals, proposals for research in undergraduate institutions (RUI), rapid response research proposals (RAPID), and early-concept grants for exploratory research (EAGER).  The Program also accepts small conference proposals for events (including workshops) being planned one year or more after submission.  The Social Psychology Program does not accept proposals for doctoral dissertation improvement awards.