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Online Ideas Exchange Hub

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OniX:  the Online  Ideas  Exchange  Hub

OniX’s purpose is to fill the knowledge gap in the landscape of global research ideas that stifles innovation. OniX believes that the flow of ideas from discovery to market is dispersed; therefore, access to ideas is neither global nor open. The OniX platform serves as the hub where global ideas can be shared in a more open and safe ecosystem. The goal is to advance ideas faster to facilitate their translation and development to market to have a positive impact in our communities.
Thriving innovation ecosystems are known for having a unique sense of place, a robust talent pipeline, and access to capital. What threads these three pillars of innovation together is partnerships – large and small, formal and informal.  OniX blends online and offline communities to provide meaningful partnership opportunities for university faculty, researchers, startups, investors, foundations, and large local and multinational corporations to spur innovation.

OniX, the Online Ideas Exchange Hub, offers a new partnership, innovation, and in/out-licensing paradigm with the goal of matching ideas/assets from universities, startups, incubators, accelerators, research parks and biotechnology companies with industry, venture and private equity funds, private foundations and family offices. Ideas might be funded, unfunded, and submitted research grant applications to any external or internal funding agency/organization; intramural projects; technology transfer assets, startups and biotech technology summaries and others. OniX currently has data from over 2,000+ universities, 100,000+ startups and biotech companies, the top 25 government funding agencies and over 50 private foundations. In addition, OniX creates a one-stop research knowledge ecosystem by adding publications, patents, clinical trials, news and other public research information to the hub