Pandemic Antiviral Discovery

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May 2, 2022


Gates Foundation, Novo Nordisk Foundation, Open Philanthropy

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The focus of this PAD Request for Proposals (RFP) is henipavirus, a subfamily of paramyxovirus that includes Nipah virus—a pathogen with an estimated fatality rate of 40% to 75%. Researchers from around the world are encouraged to submit proposals.

This RFP will support projects that seek to elucidate the molecular determinants of henipavirus replication, pathogenesis and transmission for the purpose of developing therapeutic discovery programs targeting virus and/or host-specific targets important for virus replication. Projects can be of both novel and exploratory nature and of later-stage validation/developmental nature.

Specific areas of interest include:

  • Biomarkers of henipavirus pathogenesis in humans to facilitate drug discovery programs and clinical evaluation of antiviral therapies.
  • Identification and validation of virus and/or host targets necessary for henipavirus replication that could serve as starting points for therapeutic discovery.
  • Inhibitors of virus and/or host targets that are broadly active across paramyxoviruses with a preference for henipaviruses.
  • Novel tools and assays for studying henipavirus replication and pathogenesis that do not require BSL-4 containment.
  • Target based approaches for henipavirus antiviral discovery and development.

Projects on vaccines, antibody therapy, and epidemiology will not be considered for funding.