Prevent Cancer Foundation Grants and Fellowships

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Jul 11, 2022


Prevent Cancer Foundation

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For the 2022 cycle, we highly encourage proposals focused on melanoma prevention and early detection.

Eligible proposals must be original and clearly describe pre-clinical, translational, clinical or
population-based research projects in the field of cancer prevention or early detection:

• If successful, research projects reduce the frequency of epithelial neoplasms: e.g., brain,
head and neck, lung, breast, prostate, uterus, cervix, ovary, esophagus, stomach, colon,
pancreas, liver, skin (including melanoma), HPV-related cancers or hematologic

• Primary prevention: reverse or inhibit the carcinogenic process through modifications
to diet, tobacco use, physical activity or alcohol use or to environment including
ultraviolet or occupational exposure.
o Examples of methodology: behavioral, including the use of social media or
texting, or pharmacologic (chemopreventive) or immunologic approaches. 

• Secondary prevention: screening and early detection. o Examples of methodology: immunologic, molecular, genetic or imaging (including endoscopic) techniques. Approaches using innovative technologies, including social media, health trackers or artificial intelligence, to study topics such as how to overcome barriers to screening or to reduce disparities in screening.