Quality Improvement: Addressing Social Health Needs in Chronic and Preventative Disease

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Jun 2, 2021


Pfizer Global Medical, Institute for Healthcare Improvement

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A Quality Improvement Grant: Addressing Social Health Needs in Chronic and Preventative Disease

The intent of this RFP is to encourage proposals to join a Learning and Action Network (LAN) to support the journey of health care organizations seeking to integrate social care into health care delivery in pursuit of improved health, well-being, and equity for their populations. The LAN will focus on the social care integration work of 3-5 integrated delivery networks (IDNs) in the United States, also known as health systems - organizations that own and operate a network of one or more health care facilities. Each selected IDN will set 12-month goals specific to their contexts. Participants will test social care integration strategies with their patient populations and share their results both with one another and stakeholders in their own IDNs to enhance the rate of learning and improvement. This LAN will be convened by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement IHI and funded by Pfizer.
Clinical area:  Chronic illness and preventive care (e.g., cardiovascular and metabolic disease, chronic pain, inflammatory bowel disease, etc.)